Factors That Influence School Fees

Indian School Ajman Fees

If you are wondering what factors influence Indian school Ajman fees, this article is a must read for you. After conducting a thorough research of good schools in your locality, you need to understand the fee structure of the chosen school. Fees include admission fees, registration fees, transportation costs among others which will be discussed in detail in this article. Here are a few important factors that influence school fees:

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are expenses incurred in tutoring the child. As the child moves to higher grades, the tuition fees too increase. The fees levied in kindergarten level will be lesser compared to the fees charged for Grade 3 and onwards. Tuition fees are the most important component of the entire fee structure. Tuition fees relate to expenses incurred in fulfilling the academic needs of the child.

Transportation Cost

If you opt for transportation services like a school bus, then you need to pay transportation fees too. Commute costs are an important consideration as it contributes to the total cost of school education.

Registration and Re-Registration Fees

Parents are also required to pay registration and re-registration fees which are non-refundable.

Optional Services

Breakfast, KG stay back, day boarding are optional services that can impact total school fees if you are to opt for any of these services.

Stationery and Uniform

Some schools impose uniform fees and require students to purchase uniforms from stores specified by the school. This amount too adds up to the total cost.

Infrastructure and Overall Facilities

The infrastructure and facilities available at the school can heavily influence the fees. Schools with facilities to promote extracurricular activities beyond classroom learning may charge slightly higher fees. Facilities like laboratories, libraries, sports and activity areas are essential for a child’s development. A school that provides academic facilities like advanced classroom learning environment, cafeterias, laboratories along with access to a range of other amenities like indoor and outdoor playgrounds, football fields, basketball and tennis courts and multi-purpose sport activity spaces may charge accordingly as it is investing heavily in developing a well-rounded personality for the child.

Scholarships and Discounts

There are many schools that provide discounts for parents with two or more children. Enquire about such discounts and scholarships in schools. The overall expenses can be reduced by taking advantage of discounts and scholarships offered by schools. The discount is applied on tuition fees. Get in touch with the school to understand the percentage of discount.


The above mentioned points are important factors that influence school fees. Visit Cityschool.ae to understand more about the fee structure and admission process. While fees are an important thing to consider, it shouldn’t be the sole factor guiding your decision making process. The reputation of the school and the teaching standards as well as the learning environment too must be taken into consideration.

Indian School Ajman Fees

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